If you’ve ever completed work on the processing page in barcode mode and needed to leave that page for any reason, you quickly learned there was no way to save your image number associations… that is until now. 

You can now save in the processing step!

You spoke. We listened. 

How this works:

  • If you’re on the processing page and you have done any sequence editing like cleaning up missed barcodes or associating images with another player, then realize you need to do something back inside of the job workflow, you can now freeze the image numbers in place and go back and fix what needed fixing. It is very simple. 
    • 1.) Click the “Save Image Assignments” button.
    • 2.) The site will take you back into the workflow. 
    • 3.) Fix up whatever you need to fix.
    • 4.) Return to the processing page (now in manual mode)
    • 5.) Finish any image associations that need to be done. 
    • 6.) Click “Confirm Processing” to proceed. 

That’s it! Now, all that hard work won’t be lost if you need to go change something in the workflow. Stay tuned for more new features, and don’t forget to join the  NEXT GEN USERS GROUP!