Next Gen photographers can now have extractions done through a simple image uploader. 

Simply click the “Extraction Service” button at the top of the page and the system will walk through the upload process. This process is very similar to what you’re used to with Next Gen without any type of roster information.

There are 2 types of extractions that you can have done. Sports and Underclass extractions. Sports extractions are our normal high-end full-length extractions off of the HiLite. Underclass extractions are a bit new but they are 3/4 cropped images (no feet or props) also shot on a HiLite.

Sports Extractions = $1.00/image

Underclass Extractions = $.30/image

So if you need any extractions done feel free to send them to Next Gen and we will “knock it out” for you (pun intended)! See you soon!!