We still highly recommend photographing on the LastoLite HiLite  (and not just because it’s cheaper), but, green screen, grey, environmental images? No problem! The Next Gen service does cost a bit more if you’re not using the HiLite ($1.00 / subject = .50 per image for team and individual) however, this will allow you to test out the system and process before committing to the purchase of the HiLite. Or add this as an additional pose option to upload to your online sales platform along with your traditional images! Either way, you’ll get beautiful graphics with no fuss. 

We still require these guidelines when shooting for virtual teams: 

  1. The camera is locked down on a tripod and square.
  2. Fixed focal length and no zooming, panning, or tilting. 
  3. Consistent lighting power and direction.
  4. Every athlete hits the same mark.
  5. The camera is in focus.
  6. Shooting at f/8 or above.
  7. Solid ground, no grass (if feet are needed in the final image).