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What equipment do you recommend we use for shooting teams & individuals?

    • Fixed lens preferably 50mm when using a full frame camera
    • Tripod (required)
    • Strobe lights (only 2 needed when using our background)
    • Solid background (we recommend the 6’x7’ Lastolite Hilite)
    • If using the Hilite please use the vinyl train (floor) with it
    • Opticon OPN 2001 barcode scanner

If we are unable to photograph inside can this equipment be used outdoors?

  • Yes you can by simply putting a 10×10 pop up tent up with sides to shelter your Hilite Background. You can also use sand bags inside your Hilite to hold in place. If you are unable to plug your lights in look at a battery pack or generator option.
  • It is much more ideal to be indoors due to the distance the camera has to be from the Hilite background. Refer to question below.

When using your lighting system how far should my camera be back from the background and how high should my tripod be?

  • If using a full frame camera you will want to have the center of your tripod mount 12 feet from the Hilite background. If using a crop sensor with a fixed lens you want your camera frame to fill the edges of the Hilite to where you are seeing the black edge of the two sides and top of the Hilite
  • Tripod height can be a bit subjective. We are generally at 3ft in height.

Do we photograph everyone full length or ¾?

  • You will photograph each athlete full length. This is necessary for the team image specifically. And because you DO NOT move the lens or camera all individual images are photographed full body as well.

What if one of my athletes closes their eyes during one of their 2-3 pictures or the image is not usable?

  • If you take a photo that is not usable immediately delete the image and retake the photo.

Are we able to use other backgrounds?

  • You can use other solid background options. Please keep in mind that our system was built around the lighting of the Lastolite Hilite. It is this product that provide us the best extraction and lighting per subject. If you choose to use an alternative solid background the cost per athlete will be an additional $1.00.

How are you metering your lighting with your main light and the background light inside the hilite?

  • We meter both our main light and background light at F/8 iso 100. It is critical to make sure your background lighting is not creating edge flare on your subject. You want to the light to rim light your subject without overexposure or blow outs.

What type of modifiers are you using on your two strobe lights?

  • Our main light we use a medium size Octabank or Octabox with a single inside scrim for diffusion. Our rear light we use a small reflector.

How should I set up my lights for use with the HilIte?

  • Your main light should be camera right. When using the vinyl train you can set it at 12” off the edge of the vinyl train camera right. Your rear light should be camera left. The head of the light will be inserted into the side of the hilite and facing the back of the hilite so it can reflect the light throughout the hilite

Do I have to barcode scan to use your system?

  • It is highly recommended you do use our barcode scanning system but it is not required. We do have manual order entry process in our system as well that allows you to enter your image numbers

What happens if I forget to scan every individual during a job?

  • We do have processes in place that will help locate your images that were not barcode scanned.

If I have more than 1 photography station must I use a barcode scanner with each station?

  • Yes. Each station or camera that is used on a job must have its own barcode scanner

Am I able to print barcode stickers to affix to my order forms?

  • Yes. You can print your barcodes to any media that your printer will accept. Our system simply creates the barcode for you to print.

What if I barcode scan an athlete twice before taking their first photo?

  • Not a problem. Please proceed as normal with taking their initial team photo. Our system will pick up the image along with the barcode scan.

If I want to to use the Next Gen Photo Solutions system do I have to shoot all team and individual composite?

  • No. We have other packages in place allowing you to use standard team images. Please see our pricing page that goes into full detail on what we offer.

When photographing an athlete how many images can I take of that individual?

  • Our system allows for 3 images per athlete in the following order 1-team image, 1-individual image and 1-buddy image.

Where does the athlete need to be placed on the Hilite train to be photographed?

  • When setting up your Hilite and train we recommend you place your athlete 2 feet from the Hilite. The best solution is to buy white duct tape and run a piece across your train that is 2 feet from the Hilite. To maintain consistency in height and scale each athlete must be positioned on the tape.

How do I composite a team image shape correctly when photographing 1 athlete at a time?

  • We provide you “storyboards” in our system based on your team size. This will provide inspiration for team poses and the shape of the team.

Which way should my athlete face when taking their individual photo?

  • Your athletes will always face into the main light. From camera athlete is facing camera right.

What if I am not using the Hilite, where do I place the athletes?

  • This is really up to you. You will need to determine the proper placement for any other type of solid background. It must be consistent every time. For proper height and scaling all athletes must be placed in the same location.
  • Also if shooting green screen or chroma key blue please make sure you have studied green screen diagrams for proper placement of athlete to ensure there is no color bleed onto your athletes.

Am I able to use the designs you show on your website for our pictures?

  • Yes. As a NextGen Photo Solutions user part of our service is providing use of any of our templates found in our design library.

Am I able to buy your templates to use for myself?

  • No.  These templates are proprietary for use through Next Gen Photo Solutions. One of the perks of being a user of Next Gen is the use of our templates.

Can the template colors be changed to resemble any of my team colors?

  • Yes. In fact we want you to change the background and font colors to make these designs more personal for your athletes and teams. You can also use your team’s logo in the team and individual pictures

Are the designs customizable?

  • Right the now the templates are customizable by color. As always your clubs logos will be placed on all products. We foresee much more customization being added in the coming year so stay tuned for the latest features.

What file format does my team’s logo need to be for the pictures?

  • Your logo needs to be a png file. This is just like a jpeg file with a transparent background. If you do not have a png file of your team’s logo we can process it to a png file for you for $10.00

Am I able to use my own templates?

  • Yes you can. There is a $25.00 setup fee for this process. This fee will make sure your templates are formatted to work for our system. Any template that is uploaded for personal use will remain private in use for the owner of the template.

How will I upload my images to Next Gen Photo Solutions?

  • Your images and barcode data txt. file will be put in a folder titled camera1 if you are using just 1 camera. If you have more than 1 camera then you will add the number 2 or 3 after each folder with no space. This folder will then be uploaded to into your processing folder on our server using an ftp client software. There are many free ftp client softwares available such as Filezilla.

On your site it says you can send our order direct to H&H for print. What if I do not use H&H?

  • Not a problem. Although the direct print solution with H&H Color Lab is the most seamless system for those using other labs we will build out your team and individual files for the products you are using at that lab. Files will be returned to you in jpeg file format to upload to your lab.

If I use the H&H direct print solution does your pricing include cost of prints?

  • No it does not. cost of print and product are a separate cost that H&H will bill to your account.

How do you know which products to build out my images for?

  • During the setup process we will build your product profile into the system which lets us know which products you are selling and what images need to be built.

Do you also handle order entry?

  • At this time we do not. We are looking to implement this into a future iteration of our system with a minimal cost to you.

How much does this cost?

  • Our introductory pricing for full team and individual composite  is $4.25

How long does it take?

  • Our complete timing details (based on 15 member teams)
    • 1-5 Team—3  to 4 days
    • 6-10 Teams— 4—To 6 Days
    • 11-25 Teams– 7 Or 8 Days Maximum

How big can the teams be to use your system?

  • The size of the teams can be any size. However the larger the team the more restricted you will become for posing your athletes. Teams up to 25 people allow for a more creative posing process. When photographing large teams such as football or marching band when you are dealing with over 50 athletes you will want to take a more head and shoulders with hands behind back for the athlete’s team image. These team composites will have a more “bleacher style” so that each athlete looks their best.

How do I line up my athletes / each team for taking their pictures?

  • You will line your athletes up tallest to shortest in height. When working off of your storyboard you will start in the back center of the team image and photograph athletes in the inspiration picture from center, left, right, left, right. This way your composite will be built in the order you photographed.

What if I am missing an athlete and the rest of the team is ready to go?

  • Simply ask the team/coach where in height would that person fit within the team image, keep a spot open for that person. Verify they are going to be available for a make up picture if you decide to work this way.

What if I want to photograph a team image of 2 athletes touching/leaning on each other?

  • Scan one of their barcodes, photograph them together for the team image. Have the other athlete leave the image so you can photograph the original athletes individual image. Then scan the next athletes barcode put just an object of some sort in the image as if that was their team image. Then simply photograph them for their individual image. Do not have a full body image taken as a place holder as production staff will think this is to be extracted and included in team image.

Do I allow my athletes to view their image on the back of the camera?

  • We do not encourage this as it will slow down your process and the potential of confusion if they want to retake image for any reason.

Can I shoot RAW?

  • You are free to shoot raw files and process those files to JPG after you shoot, even with barcode scanning as long as the program you use to process out your final JPG files has a function that retains the metadata of the original RAW file.
    • In Lightroom the option “Include – All Metadata should be selected.

How do I set up a roster for import?

  • You can either use Xcel for either mac or Windows or use Google Docs
    • Windows
      • Simply download the template, enter in the appropriate data and save the file back out as a CSV file format. Once finished go to the import roster tab and import your new roster into the system
    • Mac
      • Simply download the roster template, enter the appropriate data then saves as Windows CSV file format. Then import roster tab and import you new roster into the Next Gen Online system.
  • You can also use Google Sheets to create your roster.
    • Google Sheets on both PC and MAC
      • Simply download the roster template, import it into Google Sheets, enter the appropriate data then once finished export the file as a CSV file format. Then import roster tab and import you new roster into the Next Gen Online system.